What is PLM365 ?

The Innovation Platform for Future Brands

PLM365’s mission is to help build tomorrow’s best brands. Our Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) solutions help your engineers, marketing, partners, customers, and everyone else collaborate on all the product information needed to get your products from concept to customer.

On Premise

Deployable on the private cloud


available as saaS on the cloud

User Friendly

Easy to adapt


Adapts to your processes and data


Modeler and widgets based configurable and customizable


Self learning platform

Drive Innovative Products quicker to the market.

Dashboard driven quick access to project status and open tasks. User friendly graphical UI based intuitive screens designed to enhance productivity and increase ease of access to product innovation content.

PLM365 Functional Capabilities

PLM and Application Modeler Studio

Data Federation

Document Management

Item, Part Management and Classification

Bill of Materials Management

Process & Workflow Management

Engineering Change Orders (ECO) Requests (ECR)

Security and System Adminstration

Analytic and Reporting

Enterprise Search