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The efficient management of all products, its components, associated specifications, business processes, suppliers, change history during its lifetime are some of the key high-level reasons for a company to embark on a PLM journey. Although these can be overwhelming and challenging, our Product Lifecycle Management solution offers quick and easy “one click” access to the relevant data enabling quicker decision making and shortened new product development processes. While at the highest level these seem to be common across all industry verticals and products, the definition of the product and its components highlight new challenges specially in the Food & Beverage industry.

Here are some of the PLM365 Food and Beverage functional modules offered.

Trade Item Management

Manage Trade Items and their release process from development to release.
Manage formulation and nutrition profile along with related specifications for a Trade Item.

Securely collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers.

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Ingredient and Formulation Management

Use ingredients to create formulation and configuration along with specifications.
Process definition complying with standards for management of ingredients and formulation.
Manage suppliers, raw material and traceability.

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Traceability Analysis for Ingredients

Manage Suppliers, hazardous substances, allergens, etc. w.r.t Ingredients and Formulation.
Reuse and usability analysis of ingredients in various formulation based on compliance.
Affected Item analysis while responding to a FDA Class I, II or III recall.

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Regulation and Compliance Management

Manage associated compliance and analyze product suitability as compliance changes.
Ability to manage supplier certifications like GFSI, FSMA guidelines etc.
Define continuous compliance and preventive control (PC) processes to ensure compliance from development to release.

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Packaging and Labelling Management

Ability to manage all packaging needs for trade items. Ability to manage packaging parts and associated BOM.
Assimilate data for labeling needs and help organizations comply with needs FD&C, Fair Packaging & Labelling Act, NLEA and other relevant regulations.
Manage packaging and labeling business process involving suppliers and adapt to changes.

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Ongoing data federation (postmerger or legacy consolidation)

Federate data for ingredients, formulation, composition, packaging and associated specifications quickly.
Ability to enable usage of primary corporate processes for new data and user groups.
Drive analytics to harmonize datasets and reporting.

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Business Process to drive Trade Items and new Innovation

Ability to drive standard business processes to enable change and compliance for established Trade Items.
Provide flexibility to administrators of innovation programs to drive processes differently during R&D and pre-release.
Enable secure collaboration with suppliers over an extended business process.

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Enterprise Search

Machine Learning enabled Search with synonym dictionary, phonetic, case sensitivity, 2D and 3D shape search features providing a wide range of rich and full search capabilities.

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