Industrial Products

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Dashboard driven quick access to project status and open tasks. User friendly graphical UI based intuitive screens designed to enhance productivity and increase ease of access to product innovation content.

Here are some of the PLM365 Food and Beverage functional modules offered.

PLM and Application Modeler Studio

Your Administrators best friend in monitoring and configuring your PLM environment, add attributes, business rules or other custom interactions to your schema through this easy to use UI based Data Modeling Environment.

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Data Federation

Import data from any external system without having to customize our application to understand your data schema. PLM365 dynamically reads your data formats and instantly creates the baseline you desire.

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Document Management

Managing document revisions and history has never been easier. Edit or view documents dynamically from a single Interface, and manage functionality, Including storage, revision control, traceability and associativity with other PLM object types.

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Item, Part Management and Classification

Eliminate redundancy and enhance reuse across the enterprise. PLM365 will easily import, analyze and adapt data from any external system, no programming required.

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Bill of Materials Management

Speed innovation and time to market with a BoM structure of your product templates, assemblies and parts. Allows you to quickly copy BoM's to create derivatives of new products, while maintaining traceability of objects and data.

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Process & Workflow Management

Seamless integration to meet the business workflow
requirements.Provides all business process modeling
capablities for task management and tracking, along with predefined workflow templates that are easily customizable

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Engineering Change Orders (ECO) Requests (ECR)

Visualize traceability and audit trail evolution of all objects,
with PLM365 predefined ECO,ECR process templates that can be
customized with ease tomeet your change management process.

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Security and System Adminstration

Provide role based granular security access control to all
PLM365 objects,attributes and attrubte value based
on permission granted by role,organization,location
of current access.

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Analytics and Reporting

Drive higher productivity and efficiencies with easy creation
of new reports and analytics that help identify potential
bottle necks. Our default Dashboard templates gives users
the flexibility with easy access to their data, enhancing
productivity and decision making.

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Enterprise Search

Machine Learning enabled Search with synonym dictionary, phonetic, case sensitivity, 2D and 3D shape search features providing a wide range of rich and full search capabilities.

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If you would like to evaluate and Try PLM365 application, you can request access to a trial period by sending an email to with your name, contact information and approximate size of your organisation and a representative will get in touch with you shortly.